Ryan Kelly


"My goal after finishing a piece is to have someone be intrigued. To captivate an audience from afar so they are compelled to investigate further. No purposeful hidden messages, no nuances or abstractions. I want someone to see my piece how I see it, but then apply their lens of personal experience or perspective.

I hope that the public sees my passion for nature and the natural world. The randomness and imperfections of plants in all forms makes for an interesting muse. It allows me to create and sculpt a piece how I want to, and the end result still has the hint of possibility and realism. Something about creating a work in a medium that can last decades gives me a deeper purpose and excitement.

Working from the top down gives me control of the finished piece. Whether it's twisting the leaves of a steel wire oak tree, or hammering copper petals for a metal rose, being able to manipulate the materials helps me align the process to my goal in the form of the finished piece. Every millimeter of wire is shaped by my often dirty and sore hands, and I truly hope that the viewing audience can take a moment to embrace and appreciate the meticulous and tedious attention to detail I take pride in."