The ART AFFECT, Part I: Calling Five Families

“Beautiful gallery!” she called out, as she rushed by after church with her troops.
“I’ll come back when I don’t have the kids!”

“Wait!” I thought. “PLEASE bring the kids!”

Oh gosh, I can feel the whirring begin even before I type--when I have questions and not a clue what the answers are-- but here goes anyway. I need your help.

The intention to buy original art is generally not high on most people’s lists of desires.

I know a lot of reasons why because I have those reasons myself sometimes, and they all tend to start with lack: lack of Money, Space, Motivation; lack of Awareness. Our home would look very differently if I were not an artist and now a gallery owner. I have access to a lot of art, and the opportunity to acquire the art of my choice in a variety of ways, and I can display my own if I choose. This is a LOT of awareness, I know.

But I have a passion that far surpasses logic, and seems now to be broadening into a crusade: a deep desire to see original art hanging all over the homes in my community (NO BLANK WALLS!); to see my community (Global) develop an intention to experience the lively exchange of inner dialogue and energy that art brings into our families and environments, and finally, to see these desires develop into such an important, integrative, communal expression that original art in our everyday lives becomes a community value as vital a quality as any we desire and seek out for ourselves and those we love.

So I need your help. I need families who will take an experiment together with me and my artists.  Families of all configurations, from one person to….a lot.  I need the volunteer help of five families.  The experiment is not going to be difficult at all, but it does ask for the participation of all available family members. There is no cost. No commitment. No fear. You’ll see. Please read on.

“The Art Affect” then, is my first pass at sharing with you all, questions that I don’t know the answers to. It is beginning as a Docu-Blog, which will follow the lives of five selected families in the Greater Newburyport area through an easy application and selection process, through a quick Q&A/visit to the selected family’s home (as a “Before” benchmark), through a family visit to PEG to choose a piece of art, through bringing your “new” art piece home, and finally, through the experience of returning the work and living without it (yikes!)  

One of my dear friends, Katherine Perrin, owns a company called Dwell Well ( Katherine says “You have three homes: your Body, your House and your Planet. Experience all of your homes as sacred and DWELL WELL in space that feels good, supports you and nurtures you.”

“THE ART AFFECT” is an experiment in dwelling well, in all areas of our lives.

Will you join me?

There is absolutely no obligation, except to be willing and open to the experience. Our art will be on loan to you and your family for one week. Your willingness to participate, and to reveal a few thoughts and responses is our only goal.

My promise to you is that something is going to happen here. My dream is that we feel the incredible generosity of art that truly affects the quality of our lives, and that slowly we build back our culture’s focus on art mattering to us all.

If you are interested in becoming one of PEG’s five families, please simply cut and paste these questions, and your answer, into the body of an email and send to me by DECEMBER 1, 2015. PEG will work with one or two families at a time, beginning in January 2016.

For all of our followers, I will be recording and writing about this experiment throughout the months ahead.

Paula Estey

Interested families, please email me at I will choose my five families based upon our correspondence.

Thank you!

Paula Estey