Candace Mitchell

"Art brings me great joy.  And even greater joy now that I have expanded freely into abstraction and paint what lies deep within my soul.  Although I have not abandoned earlier representational and colorist approaches, my art has steadily become more a reflection of the very essence of who I am:  multifaceted, complex, emotional, enriched by lived experience, and bursting with an expressive desire to share all of this through my work. Anticipation fills me as I stand before a canvas, and continues to grow as form and composition emerge as if by magic, although I know I am no magician but sense that sometimes spirits are involved in the creation of the work I face when I am ready (almost) to say I am finished.  My work often strikes a whimsical note, which reflects my sense of humor and desire to express my emotions through visual imagery, and not merely to mimic what I see around me, but to dive deep, without conscious intent, into my memories to bring them to the surface.  Surprise awaits as long forgotten images reemerge before me on canvas. It is often at this moment that I am again struck by the depth of the feelings, the joy, as well as the desperation to which art lays bare lives with souls exposed."