Carol Baum

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I was born in Beverly and spent my early years in Beverly Farms, MA, where I first developed my love of painting and drawing, inspired, in part, by the doll carriage I won in a television art contest.  My family moved to Fitchburg, MA when I was a teenager.  Going through the Fitchburg school system for middle and senior high in the late 1950s and early 1960s sharpened my awareness of the economic and social unfairness that existed then.  My family was relatively well-off and I was college bound, unlike many of my classmates.  My sense of myself as a political person began in Fitchburg, and it is this same consciousness that informs my paintings and drawings to this day.  My series, “Run”, dealing with stories and images from two Sudanese Lost Boys who have become my friends, is one such example. 

My time in central Massachusetts also sparked my love of the natural universe, the changing seasons, and the New England terrain where I lived.  The art I produce often explores where the inner world of spirit and feeling and the outer landscape intersect.  

After high school, I left Massachusetts to study English literature and painting at the University of California, Berkeley and then moved to Europe where I experimented with different mediums and themes as I searched for my artistic voice.  My early work focused on cloth collages and combined Biblical stories with political themes.   Later I worked on a visual autobiography which was shown at the Los Angeles City Hall. 

Although I spent two decades in Los Angeles, I never felt at home there.  I missed the seasons and the strong feelings they always provoked in me.  In 1992 I returned to the North Shore, settling in the Newburyport area, and began work that patterns natural elements—nighttime snowstorms, constellations, dying flowers—within a psychological landscape of fears, dreams, and hopes. 

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