Jen Groeber

"I am driven by the construct of identity and the friction that exists between the surface of our experiences and our complex pasts. How did we become who we are today and what is the evidence of our journey? As a suddenly mother-of-four, and a sister, wife, daughter, friend, I bear witness to the shifting lens through which we observe self-hood. Old photos and new, the clothing of children now grown, objects from our past, all act as archaeological evidence of what once was. As a woman I sew together this patchwork of evidence creating a metaphorical portrait of both a physical person and a life.

Beginning with symbols and images that are meaningful to me, I draw onto wood and then carve away what's unnecessary. I carry these wood blocks with me throughout my day- onto playgrounds, in car lines, and in the kitchen- as I carve. The wood plates live with me like a child or pet. When the carving is complete, the wood is inked and paper applied and then hand pressed with an old wood salad spoon until the image is transferred to paper. Fracturing of the wood plates and collage paper in the final piece allows layers of meaning to find literal expression."