Jessica Hachmeister

Jessica Hachmeister is a local artist recently relocated from Seattle who works in large, acrylic paintings often incorporating charcoal and pastel into her paintings. She prefers abstract representations based on large dominant shapes which she often distributes across multiple canvases.     

She lived most of her early life abroad in such diverse cities as Havana, Mexico City, Heidelberg and Rome, graduating from The American School in Lugano, Switzerland and pursuing her interest in art into college.  Advanced studies began at California Western University and later continued at Villa Mercede in Florence, the University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Boston University, the University of Washington, Cornish Institute of Art, and Pratt Fine Art Center. 

Jessica has been a professional artist for over 30 years showing her work primarily in the Seattle and Boston metropolitan areas.  She has operated in her own studio in the Belltown Art District of Seattle and currently works out of her studio near the Parker River and the Newbury Lower Green.